Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Expanding my limits...まりな氏、ドラムを始めるなり。


肝心のギターは習わないのという声もあって、確かにと思い、耳コピちゃんとできるようになるコツを聞きたいと思って無料体験レッスンしてきたけど、担当してくれた先生にまりなの曲弾き語りしてみせたら、あなたは独学のほうがいいと言われた。「もうあなたは持ってるから、もうあなたのonly oneの道突き進んじゃっていいんですよ。耳コピも、完全なコピーをするのはソロとかのバック演奏者がやること。アーティストのあなたは、曲を耳コピというよりカバーするつもりで自分なりの弾き方を聴き取りながら作るほうがあってるかもしれません。」と。誰も先生に丸々一曲みせた人はいなかったらしくて、度胸あるとほめてくれた。落ち込み気味だった最近のまりなにとってこれは嬉しすぎて、報告をせざるを得ないなり。(>_<)



Expanding my limits...

I started learning drums. 

Started it to help my composition and to feel it. Als because I've started to realize myself in the love of band music. I'll need to know how to play drums etc to communicate more with my future members. Some told me I can just use DTM but I can't use drums on DTM unless I know some skills. the drum teacher says I'll take time to play the way I really want, but it's all up to my effort. Yup, bring them in! I need it. 
Some asked me why i wouldn't learn guitar, and I thought about it, especially because I wanted to know the skills to play the exact song after listening to it. So I took a free trial lesson for guitar, and my teacher asked me to show him my song, which brought him to a thought that I wouldn't need a lesson. "You're the type that learns guitar through your feelings, not by someone giving you orders. if you are to copy a song, it's not really copy, but rather covering it in your own techniques and style, since you are an artist, not a musician that plays behind a solo artist with given instructions." He said no one else he knew played the whole song of their own to him when he asked. I wa worried about myself these days, but his words gave me little hope.  
I've been stuck these days to be able to talk about my future when asked. I sway my answer a lot these days. I have dream, but I'm scared someone will frown hearing it. Especially because sometimes many people feel as though office work with suits and ties are normal and safe for living. I'm scared of going home and feeling my mom and dad worried about me. And that's why, I don't have time nagging around. This summer I have to make a difference, as much as I can.
I'm breaking the rules called norm. I wnat to. Wouldn't let someone to stop me..

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