Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 25th, 2015: Live at Shimokitazawa Loft!

ライブがまた迫ってきます!今度はまた下北沢ロフトで行います。New live gig coming up! It's at Shimkitazawa Loft once again.

3/25 下北沢ロフト  [40 min live] ¥1500 ticket (with 1 free drink!), 18:30 open, 19:00 start, 19:40 act (出番)

このライブの後は、しばらくはあまりブッキングライブを頻繁にしなくなります。なんでかっていうと、もっと自分の音楽に磨きを入れたいと思ったからです(>_<) 1年に3,4回できるくらいかな?でもその代りに、もっとyoutubeやsoundcloudで曲やビデオを配信できるようにします。自分の音楽をもっと自分のやりたいものに近づけさせて、たくさんの人に楽しんでもらえるように頑張ります!
After this live gig, I wouldn't be booking livehouses so much as before. I'd perhaps book about 3 or 4 live gigs in a year. It's because I wanted to take more time on my music and the making of it. (>_<) Instead though, I'll be putting more efforts on Youtube and soundcloud! I need to bring my music nearer to how exactly I wanted to express, and let it be heard to a much bigger audience than now. 

When I was about 7 years old? I think! 
That's my brother's toy guitar ;)

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