Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mutual Clock gig: 4/3, and 4/20

Mutual Clock will have its next gig on 4/3 and 4/20.
Mutual Clockの次のライブは4/3と4/20!もうすぐ。 

18:00 open, 18:30 start. (Mutual Clock from: 18:30-19:00)
¥2500 ticket.
お友達のバンドのCDレコ発のライブのゲストとして出ます。Will be playing as a guest for the celebration of new CD recordings of our friend's band. 

19:00 open, 19:30 start. (Mutual Clock from: 21:30-22:00.)
¥2600 ticket.
オルタナティブロックのバンドたちを集めた夜になります。初めてトリをやらせていただきます。A night of four Alternative Rock bands, including us. We will be playing the last role for the first time.

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