Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11/18LIVE @Shimokitazawa Loft (Live #2)

I was about to bring my next live date to March, but I decided to make it earlier! 

It will be on 11/18 (Tues), at Shimokitazawa Loft (live house) Opening at 18:30, starting at 19:00. ¥1000 with 1 free drink! You can also hop in on the day without reservation! Artist name: Marina

Hope those of you who were busy last time can come to this one! (>_<) CAUTION for Sophia students: it's during the midterms haha. Sorry...! (>_<)


11/18 (火) 下北沢ロフト 18:30オープンの、19:00スタート。¥1000の1ドリンク付き!当日参加OK!アーティスト名はMarina

今度はシンガーソングライターズデイという部門に出ます。30分間、オリジナル曲やります。前来れなかった人たち、チャンスです!(>_<) 上智生さんたち要注意:中間試験あたりです!笑

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